Welding is something that has been around for centuries, but has and continues to evolve over time with many different techniques to improve the efficiency of the project.

Whether you're arc welding using TIG, MIG, Stick welding methods, or investing in torch welding, Vallen can supply you with the welding rods, accessories, plasma cutters, and gas equipment to give you a finish product you're determined to achieve.

In the work, we know welders are working hard and empowered to re-build bridges, pipes, vehicles, and everything in-between.  The practicality of welding in unlimited and we trust that we can work with you to find the right tools and accessories for the mission at hand.

Miller Ironmate™ Welding Gun FC-1260

Miller’s Ironmate™ FC-1260 15' MIG Gun is ideal for use with self-shielded flux cored wires (sized 1/16 - 3/32"). It’s suitable for applications requiring current rating of 350 A and is designed for construction, field fabrication, pipe welding, field maintenance, and repair. It includes replaceable cable as well as gooseneck liners.

    • Ideal match for the Miller S-22P12 or Super S-32P and can be used with other Miller wire feeders
    • Two-piece liner reduces replacement liner cost
    • Rugged, rotatable trigger is rated for 1,000,000 cycles and can be rotated to the top or bottom of the handle, allowing thumb or finger actuation.
    • Aluminum-jacketed goosenecks increase gun durability
Walter Cleaning Systems Surfox™ 205 120V

This industrial weld cleaning system features extensive safety and productivity features to minimize consumable use and provide economical cleaning and passivation of stainless steel TIG and spot welds. The SURFOX 205™ has been engineered to clean MIG, TIG and spot welds on aluminium.

    • Built-in fume elimination system (requires a compressed air line)
    • With the use of special marking kits (sold separately), it can also mark stainless steel, aluminium and titanium surfaces.
    • New Quick-Connect system allows you to quickly change between 4 m and 9 m long wand assemblies (9m wand sold separately)
    • Switchable output: AC Mode — cleaning & marking; DC Mode — polishing & etching
Powerweld TECHNIWELD PW14-25 Twin Welding Hose Assembly

With a green hose for Oxygen, and a red hose for Acetylene, the Techniweld Twin Welding Hose Assembly features a heat-resistant EPDM tube and cover. The 2 spiral polyester yarn reinforcemen is more flexible than braid reinforced hose and easier to coil and handle.

    • Conforms to RMA/CGA specifications
    • Working pressure 200 PSI, 1.38 Mpa
    • Length: 25’; Diameter: ¼”
    • Grade R
Ridge Tools Mini-Pro Soldering Gun

Specifically designed for repair and renovation jobs, the RT-100 Mini Electric Soldering Gun offers flameless soldering in a compact, inexpensive package. It uses electric resistance heating technology to melt solder on copper joints up to 1 ½”. With no flame, there is no fear of igniting wallboard, insulation, or studs and joists.

    • Once carbon tips are placed on fitting, joint can be heated in less than 20 seconds.
    • Heat generated through the carbon tips will melt all types of soldering material - 50/50 and 95/5 included - and reach temperatures up to 750°F. T
    • Compact design is ideal for reaching tight spots during repair and renovation
    • Designed for soft soldering (50/50, 95/5 Alloys) 1/4"" - 1 1/2"" Copper Tube.

Makita’s fast-charging LXT lithium-ion batteries, Rapid Optimum Chargers, industry-leading brushless motors, and Star Protection Computer Controls™ work together to create the LXT Advantage. 


Understand why DEWALT tool must pass the toughest Dewalt tests before it goes to market.

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