2022 Welding Catalogue

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BDG Gander Welding Gloves 64-1-888 Premium Quality

Split cowhide palm & backhand; Flannel palm lining; Heather backhand lining; 5" split cowhide gauntlet cuff; Gunn cut w/straight thumb; Welted thumb, index finger & fingertips

TECHNIWELD 2PC18 Electrode Stick 1/8 in 7 in L

Thoria alloy increases electrode life. Higher electron emissions result in better arc starting and arc stability. Maintains a sharp point. Resistance to tungsten contamination of the weld.

WATSON GLOVES Black Velvet Welding Glove

Durable elksplit leather back with full-grain reverse palm offers protection in low heat applications, stitched with Kevlar® thread for strength and durability. Cotton fleece lined back of hand for additional heat protection. Left hand leather back patch and pulse protector for additional padding and protection. Gauntlet style cuff for forearm protection with leather gore allowing glove to fit easily over clothing. Snug-fitting shirred elastic wrist to keep out dirt and debris. Proudly made in our local Burnaby, BC factory.

LINCOLN ELECTRIC Fleetweld® 5P+ Stick Electrode 5/32 in 14 in L

FLEETWELD® 5P+ Electrode with high operator appeal and control. Easy slag removal. Standard in the pipe welding industry.

All new Armour Guard Clairvoyant autodarkening

Techniweld USA's brand new Armour Guard Clairvoyant multi shade 2" X 4-1/4" autodarkening filter lens has one of the world's fastest dim switching speeds at 1/15000th of a second to help reduce fatigue on a welder's eyes, even while tig welding down to 3A!

Tech Tips: Preheating Aluminum When Welding

Learn about the advantages of preheating, how it can help avoid weld cracking, a few quick tips, and how preheating affects your weld.

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