It’s simple.  Precision, cutting, grinding, and polishing is an art in producing quality finished product.  And to ensure perfection in every detail, you need to ensure you have the right abrasive to get the job done.

If you’re smoothening wood, we recommend selecting an abrasive with silicone carbide similar to  our ATB Master™ Wheel Brush or our selection of abrasive sheets that contain silicone carbide.

Due to the material’s strength and difficulty to manipulate, if you’re grinding metal or steel, you’ll need grinding belts or grinding discs that remove metal without overheating or prematurely wearing down.  Our line of industrial abrasives, discs, and belts like, 3M™ Cubitron II  product line-up will be help with speed, versatility and fine finishes.

Vallen has an extensive abrasive product offering, from sanding discs, cut-off wheels, to abrasive belts.  Whether you’re doing woodwork, or metal cutting, or more specifically looking to stock up on abrasive sheets, you’ll find what you need for the perfect finish.

Makita A-05038 Abrasive Cut-Off Wheel 12-in

Makita's A-05038 Abrasive Cut-Off Wheel is designed for portable metal cut-off and electric concrete saws. It features a thin edge for efficient cutting in a variety of materials, making for less material removal and less wear on the wheel and tool. Its durable construction guarantees long life. 

    • For cut-off saws and angle cutters for steel, ferrous metal, and concrete applications
    • 1" Arbor
    • Industrial quality for smoother and faster cutting
    • For use with 12" Cut-Off Saws
Walter X-TRACUT Sanding Discs

 These revolutionary non-woven sanding discs discs are guaranteed to cut cooler, faster and last much longer than conventional sanding discs. Walter X-TRACUT Discs have superior non-loading properties that make them the top choice for sanding soft metals such as aluminum or even painted or rusted surfaces.

    • Remove more material in less time even when compared to a grinding wheel
    • Provide a consistent surface finish, disc after disc
    • Cooling agents ensure cool cutting to prevent burning and distortion
    • Preformed to fit precisely on backing pads* without warping and allowing maximum contact with the workpiece
Loctite Clover® Silicon Carbide Grease Mix

Clover® Silicon carbide grease mix is the standard abrasive paste for fast metal removal. It produces a smooth, flat surface, but not a polished one, while leaving a rust-preventing film on lapped surfaces. LOCTITE®'s Clover® has many applications, such as lapping, honing and grinding gear teeth, valve seats, flat surfaces on castings and seals, dowel holes in dies, bushings and more.

    • General abrasive paste for speedy removal of metal
    • Petroleum and silicone carbide abrasive grease mix
    • Results in an unpolished but smooth, flat surface
    • Ideal for activities that include lapping, grinding and honing
DeWALT Chop Saw Wheel 14 in Diamond Edge

Packed with an innovative Diamond Edge that utilizes advanced brazing technology and a premium diamond grit, DEWALT Diamond Edge Chop Saw Wheels power through concrete, plastic, fiberglass, rubber, non-ferrous metals, stainless and ferrous metals without loading. The exclusive Diamond Edge provides a lifespan 100 times greater than that of standard DEWALT chop saw wheels. 

    • Steel Blade Core provides constant cutting depth, capacity and stability of a solid core
    • Advanced Brazing Technology cuts metal with the speed of a conventional abrasive blade
    • 1 in Arbor
    • Exposed Diamond Matrix allows the blade to cut concrete, plastic, fiberglass, rubber, non-ferrous metals and other soft materials without loading
Tyrolit's Comfort Start

Tyrolit's Comfort Start technology that improves comfort for all grinding applications

Revolutionary abrasive precision-shaped technology that allows the tools to stay cooler and lasting twice as long as other high performance abrasives.

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