It’s simple.  Precision, cutting, grinding, and polishing is an art in producing quality finished product.  And to ensure perfection in every detail, you need to ensure you have the right abrasive to get the job done.

If you’re smoothening wood, we recommend selecting an abrasive with silicone carbide similar to  our ATB Master™ Wheel Brush or our selection of abrasive sheets that contain silicone carbide.

Due to the material’s strength and difficulty to manipulate, if you’re grinding metal or steel, you’ll need grinding belts or grinding discs that remove metal without overheating or prematurely wearing down.  Our line of industrial abrasives, discs, and belts like, 3M™ Cubitron II  product line-up will be help with speed, versatility and fine finishes.

Vallen has an extensive abrasive product offering, from sanding discs, cut-off wheels, to abrasive belts.  Whether you’re doing woodwork, or metal cutting, or more specifically looking to stock up on abrasive sheets, you’ll find what you need for the perfect finish.

Walter Xcavator Grinding Wheel

XCAVATORTM has been redesigned to incorporate the latest innovation in Type 27 depressed center grinding wheels. The new Comfort MaxTM Technology in the hub of the wheel helps to minimize vibration, providing the operator with more comfortable, ergonomic work conditions without sacrificing productivity. Xcavator delivers premium performance and the highest removal rate in steel and stainless. 

    • Ultra-high removal rate
    • Fe-free formulation (guaranteed not to contaminate stainless steel)
    • Compatible with all metals (steel, stainless, cast iron, hard alloyed steel, etc.)
    • Advanced design to prevent edge flaking
3M Cubitron™ II Flap Disc

3M™ Cubitron™ ll Flap Disc is designed to handle aggressive sanding applications while providing a smooth clean finish on a variety of metals. It offers flexible performance with 3M Precision Shaped Ceramic Grain layered on flaps of tough polyester cloth.

    • Use with right angle grinder
    • Grinds and blends in a single step
    • Flexible to follow curves and contours
    • Long-life and consistency at any grinding pressure.
TYROLIT Cut-Off Wheel 46 Grit 5 in. Premium Cerabond

TYROLIT developed its Cerabond system to work with its revolutionary self-sharpening ceramic, achieving an optimal combination of ceramic grain and bond structure that keeps the abrasiveness and the lifetime of the cut-off wheel at the highest level. The Cerabond system prevents premature break-out of the grain and guarantees the full grinding power of the individual grains.

    • For use with angle grinders
    • Improved abrasiveness substantially reduces working time
    • Cerabond + self-sharpening abrasive achieves maximum stock removal
    • Cerabond prevents premature breakout of grain, leading to longer tool lifetime
FLEXOVIT N6250 High Performance™ Resin Cupstone

With an aluminum oxide body and 5/8"-11 threaded arbor for spin-on mounting, this spec is ideal for rough grinding or snagging work on steel or concrete and cleaning castings.  It stands up to offhand grinding on flat surfaces.

    • Flexovit’s HIGH PERFORMANCE™ brand ensures highest quality aluminum oxide wheels
    • Intended for angle grinders for grinding and smoothing
    • Max 6048 RPM
    • Spin-on mounting
Tyrolit's Comfort Start

Tyrolit's Comfort Start technology that improves comfort for all grinding applications

Revolutionary abrasive precision-shaped technology that allows the tools to stay cooler and lasting twice as long as other high performance abrasives.