Loctite® 243™ Primerless Threadlocker
Loctite® 243™ Threadlocker is oil-tolerant, removable, medium strength, and designed for the locking and sealing of threaded fasteners that are 1/4 - 3/4 inches. It works both on active metals (brass, copper) and passive substrates like stainless steel and plated surfaces.
BDG ARC TEK™ is a versatile premium Goatskin glove. It features a number of hazard protective elements and is ideal for industrial applications including in the oil field, construction, electrical, mining, agriculture, and natural resources.
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Gear Up For Winter
Though most of us don’t even want to think about it when we're still enjoying warm fall days, winter IS coming. But ice-cold temperatures don’t mean you and your team have to freeze. We’ve rounded up our best suggestions for warm, protective gear so that you can be safe and snug when the thermostat drops well below zero!
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BDG ARC TEK™ Goatskin Gauntlet
Walter ALLSTEEL™ Grinding Wheel 08C500
3M V4D Peltor™ MultiVisor Anti-Fog Faceshield System for P3EV/2 Hard Hat
GOJO® 6396-06 Scrubbing Towels
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Loctite Thread Sealants
Learn how LOCTITE Thread Sealants offer substantial benefits over conventional sealants that will keep your machinery running smoothly.
Honeywell BW™ Solo - Single Gas Detection for Hazardous Environments
Honeywell BW™ Solo is an easy to service single-gas detector with BLE connectivity which makes life easier for hazardous-area workers due to its easy operation and an extensive selection of sensor options
MSA V-SERIES™ Harness Line: Unexpected Comfort
Because the safest fall protection harness is the one you’ll actually want to wear, each V-SERIES harness includes unique features to deliver exceptional comfort – so you can focus on your work, not your harness.
Green Monkey™ Biodegradable Disposable Gloves by Watson Gloves
Green Monkey™ is Watson's line of biodegradable disposable gloves — they retain the same performance properties as regular nitrile disposables but are landfill biodegradable through their unique additive in its nitrile formulation.
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