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Our e-commerce options help make your purchasing e-ffective, e-fficient and e-asy

The vast majority of time spent on indirect supply involves purchasing and re-purchasing common, everyday items. Vallen’s e-commerce solutions help you reduce your overall costs by more effectively managing the process. Saving time and effort will significantly impact your bottom line.

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Simplify your purchasing.Any time, from anywhere, using any device. It’s that easy.

Search over 130,000 products 

Access pricing and place orders 24/7

Check inventory availability and purchase history

Use time-saving shopping lists

Create a custom template for your users 

Customize your approval process workflows


Enjoy all the efficiencies of shopping on Shop.Vallen.ca with the peace of mind knowing a Vallen Customer Service Representative will review and process the order for your business.

Quick and easy ordering 24/7

Search over 120,000 products 

Check inventory availability and pricing

Less order entry errors

Faster order processing

Dedicated Customer Service Representative providing customized product recommendations


A direct webshop-like experience through PunchOut integrations with systems like Ariba, Coupa, SAP, JD Edwards and others.

Access all Vallen products or create a custom list for your business 

ERP to ERP ordering and invoicing

Real-time pricing and availability

Seamless integration with your internal processes

Less order entry errors

Faster order processing


Direct ordering capabilities through Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), linking your procurement system to our business operating system.

Eliminate rogue spending with standardized catalogues from your ERP

Easy EDI file configuration 

No ERP access required

Seamless integration with your internal processes

Less order entry errors

Faster order processing

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