Digital Solutions
Effective, Efficient & Easy

Our digital toolbox is comprehensive and designed to better serve our customers and to manage your day-to-day processes as simply and efficiently as possible. Saving both you and your team time and money.


Our online catalogue gives you access to over 100K of products and the capabilities to submit an order any day at any hour.


· E-Quote

· Order 24/7

· Real-time pricing

· Inventory availability by local branch and/or distribution center

· View Order History

· Create and save personalized lists for frequent orders

· Register for here


Quick and easy…digital in its simplest form. All you need to do is email your purchase orders (PDF or excel) and it auto-creates an order in our system. Adding efficiency to fulfill your orders.


· Reduce double data entry

· Reduce keystroke errors

· Ability to review and manage orders prior to fulfillment


Shop and place your Vallen orders directly into your ERP system. This gives you the opportunity to streamline internal purchase order creation protocols, prior to submitting the order.


· View contract pricing

· Check inventory availability

· Automatic PO creation

· Reduce double data entry


Direct ordering capabilities through Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), linking your procurement system to our business operating system.


· Eliminate rogue spending with standardized catalogues from your ERP

· Easy EDI file configuration 

· No ERP access required

· Seamless integration with your internal processes

· Less order entry errors

· Faster order processing

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