Our Strategic Sustainability Framework

3M’s corporate purpose expresses our ambition to leverage our passion for science to reimagine what’s possible — and it drives and informs our approach to sustainability. As we build on our global capabilities and diverse technologies, we have clear commitments and bold ambitions to shape a sustainable future within our Strategic Sustainability Framework and its three organizing pillars: Science for Circular, Science for Climate, and Science for Community. Within these pillars, we build partnerships, implement projects, and develop processes that move us forward in the areas where we can make the greatest impact.

Our Technology is Already Transforming the World

We’re dedicated to driving the transformation to a sustainable future and we’re well on our way to delivering on our commitment to make all our facilities and operations carbon neutral by 2035. Our sustainable technology is already out in the world making an impact.

Helping Hands For Planet Earth

Designed to not only protect the user, our ecological gloves and apparel are designed to respect and protect our planet as well.

Reducing our Environmental footprint and creating sustainable products.
We have diverted over 3million recycled plastic bottles since 2020!

We are committed to reducing our environmental footprint throughout our business. Read about all of the changes we are constantly making.

It’s also important for us to do our part and develop products that are sustainable. See what sustainable products we have.

Our 2030 Goal: A 60% Reduction in tCO2e Across Our Operations

“As we set out every day to build a better future for the skilled trades, we’re dedicated to finding ways to minimize the environmental footprint of our operations. We’re proud to share that we’re nearly halfway to our 2030 goal!”

David Wein

Vice President of Environmental Health,

Safety, & Sustainability

  • Our Yamanashi main plant in Japan and our plant in Jiangyin, China achieved international certification of ISO14001 for environmental management.
  • One of our main products, the EQ hoist (capacity: 980kg), has won the EcoLeaf Environmental label. Under this program the Japan Environmnetal Management Association for Industry (JEMAI) quantifies the environmental impact of a given product throughout its life cycle, publishes the data and certifies products considered environment friendly.
Give Meaning To Your Cleaning™
  • 675,490+ Trees Planted
  • 3,037 Meals Provided
  • 3,650 Hope and Snack Bags Created
  • 54,000 Litres of Chemicals Donated
  • 94 Million+ Plastic Jugs Diverted from Landfills
Environmental Sustainability

We are committed to conducting our business in a manner that is environmentally sustainable and ensures the protection of our natural resources. Continuous improvement of our global processes is managed through the MSA Operating System and our environmental management systems.

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