At Walter, we pride ourselves in providing “only the best” products for our customers. In order for us to do this, we need to provide our customers with high performance, quality products and solutions that can satisfy all their metal working needs!  We as a team add value in all we do, strive for excellence, lead by example, we are proud to build trust and confidence and contribute to our customers' success by helping them WORK BETTER!

Weld Better
The perfect weld makes all the difference!

We understand that the quality of a welded piece is highly dependent on the products that are used in the process. Our line of anti-spatter solutions, emulsions, gels and weld cleaning systems are designed with safety and productivity in mind. With exclusive formulas, Walter provides welding solutions that are VOC-free and help create a healthier work environment for welders. And with our passivation tester, this testing device will ensure that your stainless steel piece is passivated!

Product Categories
Walter abrasive solutions are manufactured with the highest quality of materials and process in the industry. Whether you are using a grinder, table saw, circular saw or chop saw, we have right cutting, grinding, blending, sanding, finishing and cleaning tools for your job.
Walter offers high-performance cleaning solutions that get the job done faster and safer, helping you work better.
At Walter, we know it is important to be well protected and comfortable when you're welding. That’s why we have you covered with the highest optical clarity helmets in the industry. We also have the pre- and post-welding products to help optimize your welding productivity.
Power brushes have long been used for edge and surface conditioning on a wide variety of materials. Unlike other abrasives that remove base material along with surface contaminants, power brushes work on the metal surface without altering the base material.
Product Education
ZIPCUT - Cutting Wheel by WALTER
All new ZIPCUT cutting wheel by WALTER Surface Technologies offers longer durability and 25% MORE CUTS than any other cutting wheel!
Walter SST™ Drill Bits
Tough, Versatile, More Holes Faster. 25 Years of SST
ICECUT Magnetic Drilling System

Walter Surface Technologies magnetic drilling units are the most reliable and versatile workhorses on the market. Their compact design allows for easy portability, and the added magnetized safety switch keeps you operating safely. 

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