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We get it!  A well-maintained shop floor or office space requires organization, dedication, and the right combination of products.  That’s why we’ve partnered with premium brands to keep your facility running smoothly.

We have commercial supplies for consistent results to allow your team to operate efficiently.  Arm your maintenance crew with a lineup of products that help take care of the facility with less effort.  Rubbermaid’s new generation of WaveBrake® buckets will help you and your staff get the job done safely without sacrificing quality and durability.

We know you take pride in caring for your facility and you feel proud when even you’re restrooms offer a positive guest experience.  So, whether you need to replace your Kimberly-Clark In-Sight, Sanitouch Towel Roll Dispenser or need Blu-Lite Disinfecting Bowl Cleaner to keep your toilets shining, we can ensure you’re well-stocked.

Windex Glass Cleaner 765 ml Trigger Sprayer

WINDEX Glass Cleaner with Ammonia-D makes glass and window cleaning fast and easy and is also an excellent multi-surface cleaner. Trusted by generations for its famous streak-free shine, Windex Glass Cleaner cleans and shines glass, mirrors, and more! Thanks to its patented ingredient, Ammonia-D, Windex Original Glass Cleaner starts working on dirt and grime even before you wipe.

DUSTBANE EnviroFlex Dispenser

Proportioning system. This system can be configured with 2 (1 gpm) + 2 (4 gpm) or 3 (1 gpm) + 1 (4 gpm), allowing product and application flexibility and allowing you to customize the system to your needs.

AVMOR EcoPure™ Metalon Cleaner Polish 946 ml White

EP60 METALON Stainless steel cleaner polish is a triple action cleaner, polisher and metal protector for stainless steel, chrome, copper, brass, aluminium, backed enamel and porcelain. EP60 METALON protects against tarnish and corrosion and leaves behind a protective film that will help prevent re-soiling. EP60 METALON is formulated to remove fingerprints, water spots, smears and grime. 

DUSTBANE Sweeping Compound 100% Biodegradable 22 kg Powder

Use To Clean And Reduce Airborne Dust During Sweeping And To Ease The Removal Of Dust And Dirt On Sealed And Unsealed Wood, Concrete And Metal Floors.

Stainless Steel: To polish or not to polish

Stainless Steel: To polish or not to polish

EnviroFlex Assembly Demo

EnviroFlex Assembly Demo

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