Superior Glove is a leading innovator in the design and manufacture of safety gloves, sleeves, and complementary PPE. Since 1910, we have been protecting workers across the globe with specialized hand and arm protection for every major industry. Our products are engineered at their headquarters in Ontario, Canada, with teams and production facilities across Canada, the United States, Mexico, and Central America.

Superior Glove Factory Tour

Get an inside look at the manufacturing process for these Superior Glove Made-in-Canada products. Custom engineering and a human touch make our gloves the best in the business.

TenActiv™ S21TXUFN
The thinnest glove with maximum A9 cut protection and steady grip

The Tenactiv™ S21TXUFN is our first 21-gauge glove to deliver the highest-level of cut protection. With a barehand feel, it also provides both durability and puncture protection without sacrificing flexibility. The ultra-thin nitrile palm coating offers a strong grip that won’t slip, all while being touchscreen compatible.

Endura® 378GKGTVBE
Vibration-dampening driver gloves with 360° cut resistance and winter protection down to -25°C / -13°F

These high-performing winter driver gloves are made from built-tough goatskin lined with Thinsulate™️ for winter protection in temperatures down to -25°C / -13°F. Their TenActiv™️ lining provides 360° ANSI Level A6 cut protection, and a padded palm reduces vibration to improve grip. Impact-resistant inserts at the back of the hand guard against knocks and bumps without compromising flexibly.

Chemstop™ S15KGVNFVB
Hi-Viz chemical resistant gloves that protect against cuts and keep hands warm down to -5°C / 23°F

Featuring impact-resistant back-of-hand protection, chemical-resistant PVC and full aramid fiber lining that ensures ANSI Level A6 cut protection, these fleece-lined winter gloves guard against a wide variety of risks. Their fleece lining ensures that hands stay warm in temperatures down to -5°C (23°F), and a nitrile coating provides a secure grip on even wet and slippery surfaces. Gauntlet cuffs increase wrist safety and hi-viz backs offer enhanced visibility.

Endura® 378TXTVB
Winter gloves with high cut resistance, cushioned palms for material handling, and warmth down to -25°C / -13°F

Our Endura® 378TXTVB gloves include reinforced back-of-hand protection and a TenActiv™ liner for high, ANSI A6 cut resistance with 360° cut protection. These water / oil-resistant driver style gloves feature a padded palm that helps dull vibrations and cushions hands when handling heavy parts, while the comfortable liner keeps hands warm down to -25°C / -13°F.

Product Education
HVAC Hand Safety Guide

This guide provides HVAC employers, workers, and others with practical information to improve hand safety. You should always start with an assessment of hazards to workers’ hands which, once identified, should be reduce or eliminated by following the hierarchy of controls (See section 4). If personal protective equipment (PPE) gloves will be used to minimize the risk, glove trials should be conducted along with worker training.

Sawmill Hand Safety Guide

Hand injuries are the #1 preventable injury across the world. Common sawmill injuries are due to filing and changing saws, moving conveyors, splinters and crushes from handling lumber, and a changing work environment. Hands, wrists, and arms accounted for over 30% of all US incidents in 2020 while in Canada in 2019, there were over 4,000 lost time claims with hand injuries accounting for over 20% of them. An Alberta study found that sawmill claims are not representative of the actual incident rate and that the upper extremities are the most frequently injured region of the body at 45%.

Steel Mill Hand Safety Guide

Hand injuries are the #1 preventable injury across the world. Injuries in steel mills are commonly caused by exposure to heat and hot surfaces from molten metal and billets, handling chemicals and solvents used in the smelting process, and mechanical hazards posed by operating equipment and machinery. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2019, the incidence rate of nonfatal injuries in steel foundries was 9.7 per 100 workers—the highest for all types of metal casting.

Winter Guide
Laboratory-Tested Winter Ratings

All Superior Gloves winter gloves are tested in a specialized laboratory cold chamber. You’ll find an icon that clearly communicates the maximum cold protection a glove can provide. Extensive testing enables us to maximize warmth and dexterity in winter conditions.

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