Vending solutions that work

Time spent by your workers having to visit a storeroom or tool crib for the supplies they need, is time wasted in terms of productivity. Our Smart Supply Solutions (3S) can take care of all your vending needs, lower your warehousing requirements, eliminate the costs of having employees receive and distribute inventory—keeping your project working smarter and safer.

All Vallen vending machines can dispense the items you need, letting you choose what you want from over 5,000 nationally-branded industrial and safety supplies.

Popular items include industrial products like hand tools, cutting tools, batteries, knives and scrapers; safety products such as gloves, vests, flashlights, fall arrest and safety glasses; and facilities maintenance supplies including cleaning chemicals and paper products.

Smart Supply Solutions

Our unique, secure and efficient 3S system provides you inventory at your fingertips, when and where you need it. You can track, manage and control all dispensed inventory. 

Smart Supply Solutions can be used by any industry to:

  • Increase productivity and uptime
  • Accommodate a wide range of products
  • Track assets
  • Track tool charging and returns
  • Provide easy replenishment
  • Eliminate order data entry
  • Generate activity/usage reporting

You can track every single item using our secure database, and manage your inventory using our advanced reporting, detailed reports and real-time tracking.

Take control of your inventory and who can use it. Set limits for each employee by quantity, dollar amount or product.

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