The safety of you and your employees is our #1 priority.  We're committed to ensuring all employees go home safely without injury.  And the commitment is demonstrated in the vast selection we have to offer in safety product and supply.

Trust us when we say, we can cover you (and your worksite) head to toe with compliant safety clothing and equipment.  We have safety vests, gloves ( name it, we have it), full & half respiratory masks, coveralls, spill kits, and many more we can list.  We won't disappoint when we say we're your one-stop shop for all things safety.  

Still need a little convincing?! Start by checking out our CSA certified eye and ear protection wear, including our Dynamic Safety International Safety glasses or see what we can offer you for fall protection like our MSA EVOTECH Full Body Harness.

At Vallen, safety is first and foremost in everything we do.

Fyate Glasses Foam Padgry H2MAX AF Lens

The Fyxate Glasses’ H2MAX lens creates a high performing, superior anti-fog coating that is durable enough to withstand repeated cleaning without losing adhesion. It also ensures maximum clarity in the most extreme temperature and humidity conditions, while adding a layer to the lens that is abrasion, chemical, and UV-resistant.

    • Dielectric
    • Rubber temple tips and nosepiece
    • Single wraparound lens
    • Foam padding with quick-release strap.
MSA V-Series standard adjustable energy absorbing lanyard

The V-SERIES shock-absorbing lanyard line simplifies product selection by offering a concise line of standard lanyards that meet a wide range of customer needs. They’re and limit force on the body in the fall as well as on the anchor location. The shock-absorbing pouch includes a clear, durable protective cover on the labels to increase service life, allowing for easy inspection.

    • Capacity of 150 – 310 lbs
    • 36C Small Snap Hook Connection
    • Polyester and Steel
Watson Gloves 4002-X Red Baron Work Gloves

These gloves protect you from ALL the elements. The heavy sherpa lining keeps your hands warm in cold conditions, while the shirred elastic wrist and slip-on safety cuff make it easy for longer wear. Made of premium full-grain cowhide leather, Red Baron gloves are designed to last through the toughest jobs.

    • Cotton drill back
    • Full leather index finger
    • Hooded fingertips
    • Knuckle bar and pulse protector
3M™ E-A-R™ Flexible Fit Earplug HACORDED POLYBG

The 3M™ E-A-R™ Flexible Fit Earplug has a soft foam tip and a flexible fitting stem that allows easy insertion into the ear using one or two hands. The earplug tip shape and the soft conforming foam helps provide a snug yet gentle fit reduces exposure to hazardous noise levels, while the no roll-down design of the foam tip keeps ear tips clean when hands are dirty.

    • Durable foam encapsulated design
    • Noise Reduction Rating is 30 dB when tested using two-hand insertion method and 25 dB when tested using one hand insertion method
    • Perfect for activities that require gloves or cause dirty hands or situations when only one hand is free to fit the earplugs
    • Cord keeps earplugs readily available and ensures clean foam ear tips between uses
The Brady Difference: Print Labels 4X Faster

Check out in real-time how you can potentially print 4 different label is the same amount of time it takes others to load and print only one type of label.


Here is an introduction to Lakeland's Pyrolon Plus 2 Disposable FR Garments.

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