Dustbane is a name you can trust

Dustbane is a market-driven manufacturer dedicated to simplifying the cleaning process and exceeding your expectations about cleaning.

They have dedicated their efforts to limiting the exposure of their users to harmful chemicals by offering safer cleaning solutions with more controlled and safety-tested ingredients.

All-Purpose Surface & Glass Cleaner

A surface cleaner that delivers exceptional performance, while being also an ideal choice for glass surfaces. Its mild formula can also act as a dust collector when sprayed lightly on a microfiber cloth and an excellent stainless-steel cleaner.  

Product Education
It’s time to find a solution that STICKS!

Looking for a new way to sanitize and disinfect your surfaces more effectively? See what the Victory Series can do for you!

Oxy-Q Great Cleaning and Disinfection

In this video we put Oxy-Q to the test cleaning a dirty floor, Oxy-Q diluted at 1:20, and the leading competition diluted at 1:12.

Integra D Floor Polisher

Using the Integra-D to dry strip floors is safe, saves time and is budget-friendly. Watch this video to see the Integra-D in action and find out how easy it is to operate.

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