Circular Economy

Our circular economy solutions help you get more out of your materials and resources, so you can have less of an impact on the environment.

  • Increase circularity and efficiency across your operations.
  • Improve and increase the lifetime of your assets.
  • Increase the recycle potential of waste plastics, up to 90%, when used in conjunction with other chemical and mechanical recycling processes and collection and sorting improvements.
Environmental Transformation

Our proven environmental transformation technology can help you deliver on your pledges today to reduce emissions or become carbon neutral. 

  • Our Solstice® products have reduced greenhouse gas emissions by an amount equal to the emissions from 55 million cars in a single year. 
  • Rapidly detect, visualize and remediate gas leaks with our advanced emission monitoring technology.
Energy Evolution

Our energy evolution solutions help you optimize your energy usage and create storage opportunities that lower your costs and environmental impact.

  • Lower your lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions by 50-85% with biofuels produced using our Ecofining technology.
  • Reduce NOx and CO2 emissions with carbon capture and storage and hydrogen solutions.
  • Maximize your renewable energy generation while increasing uptime and reliability with our long-duration batteries.
Resiliency and Accountability

Our healthy building solutions help lower your emissions and impact on the environment while improving building efficiency and creating healthier spaces for everyone in the building.

  • Track and optimize your energy performance against your carbon reduction goals with Carbon Energy Management.
  • Optimize your indoor air quality and energy consumption based on real-time occupancy levels and space usage.  
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