Trusted for Safety…

Kito’s single most important objective is to safeguard the hardworking people who use our products. That’s why their steel shells are stronger, their chains are sturdier, and each Kito component can better withstand punishing, real-world conditions.


Kito designs hoists to thrive in some of the world’s most abusive environments. In Canada, our gear is used everywhere from the depths of potash mines to the do-or-die conditions atop a wind turbine 300 feet in the air. Wherever they go in the True North, Kito is relied on to get the job done.


Kito hoists are world-recognized for being the last ones lifting, the last ones hanging, and the last ones pulling. Decades of specialized engineering and on-the-job testing have given their team industry-leading intel on how to create the world’s sturdiest hoists, component by component.

QuikBinder PLUS™

The QuikBinder PLUS™ is a ratchet binder like nothing you've seen before. Its unique vinyl coated barrel on the free spin gear gives you a firm grip so you can take up as much slack on the chain as possible before ratcheting into final position. Quickly switch from extension, to take-up, or use the free spin mode for fast adjustment in either direction.


  • 3 position pawl with three gears
  • Patented fold down handle 
  • Tamper-proof locking mechanism with QuikBinder Lock

Kito engineers all its manually operated products to be very safe, high-performing, and extremely durable- built to accomplish the toughest tasks.

Whether you need a single phase, three phase, or air powered hoist, Kito has several quality options that are sure to satisfy almost every requirement and application.

KITO chain and part manufacturing.