You might be in the midst of cleaning and disinfecting your equipment to ensure everyone’s safety amid the COVID-19 pandemic — but what about your gas detectors? Honeywell warns that you shouldn’t use just ANY cleaning solution to sanitize them. Our latest edition of #safetymatters runs through the Dos and Don’ts of safely cleaning gas detectors!

Need to disinfect your gas detector? According to Honeywell, certain chemicals found in common

cleaning products can permanently affect the sensitivity of the sensor in your device. Follow these

Dos and Don'ts to safely clean equipment while still ensuring it's kept in perfect operational



  • Do not use cleaning products that contain the following chemicals: Alcohol (ie: Lysol®, Purell®); Sodium Hypochlorite (ie: Clorox®); D-limonene (ie: Dawn®, Sunlight®, and other dishwashing liquids); or Silicone (ie: Armor All®)
  • Do not use antiseptic products in areas where gas detectors are stored


  • To clean your gas detector, use water and any hand soap that doesn't contain any of the above ingredients
  • Use a soft cloth to dry the detector to ensure excessive moisture is removed
  • If you use the above listed products to sanitize your hands, allow enough time for the active ingredients to evaporate before handling gas detection devices