Choosing the CORRECT traction aids can be just as important as using them at all.

As the weather turns, snow and ice hazards create more risks, which is why footwear becomes more important than ever. The thing is, even deeply lugged soles which are perfect for mud, snow, gravel, etc. may be inadequate for ice. Your best option? Personal ice traction gear, which now come in a variety of newly improved designs and materials.

Products like Surewerx K1 mid-sole ice cleat is the one-size-fits-all winter traction solution ideal for a defined heel work boot. The practical and easy-to-use design drives compliance in the workplace and reduces the chance of slip and fall injuries on ice and snow.. Another ice traction option is Due North All Purpose 6 Tungsten Carbide Ice Diamond™ Spikes, along with the bi-directional tread, provides powerful traction with maximum grip. Spike patterns have been strategically placed at the heel and front of the sole, leaving the mid-sole area open for safe ladder use.

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