Launch your hand safety program

Hand injuries are #1 preventable industrial accident. Having a specific Hand Safety Program is important to address gaps in ALL safety controls–beyond just using PPE. You need more than one brick to build a wall, and you need more than gloves to build a safety program.

So how does a Hand Safety Program work?

☑️ Define what the hand safety goals are and review current hand injury statistics

☑️ Conduct hand hazard assessments

☑️ Provide recommendations with a priority of eliminating or controlling each hazard

☑️ Work with a hand safety specialist to co-create a practical hand-safety action plan

☑️ Implement the program through eliminating hazards, engineering safeguards, and training workers

☑️ Measure the results in hand injury reduction and their severity compared to the outlined goals

An effective Hand Safety Program will reduce injuries and protect workers! With ideas and action plans in hand, a Hand Safety Program for your organization will help eliminate and reduce hazards by focusing on the work environment and behavior modifications while gloves provide a last line of defense.