It's Bug season!

If you live in Canada you already know we have 3 driving seasons…winter, construction and BUG SEASON! Ever jump into your nice clean pick-up truck and head on down the highway only to find about 45 mins later you have a splattered mess on your windshield? and your out of bug juice? Not only is this impossible to clean off without the correct wiper fluid but it is a visual impairment and road safety hazard.

At Vallen safety is always at the forefront of everything we do. Check out this road safety at work list on conducting vehicles inspections that we recommend to all our employees.

High on that list is keeping a clean, clear view through your windshield.

Here are some items you should always have in your vehicle:

Wiper Fluid

Turbo Power® Bug wash is designed specifically as a summer windshield washer to keep windshields clear from road grime and splattered insects. This formula contains special detergents that break down the protein in insect bodies making them water soluble and easy to wipe off the windshield. It has a greater foaming action than winter windshield washer and is excellent for cleaning away road dust, oil and grime. This formula does not contain any harsh chemicals and is completely harmless to wiper blades, body paint and trim. 

Microfiber Cloth

The material is known for its exceptional ability to trap dirt and leave shiny surfaces. The soft fibers will not damage the delicate paints or other surfaces of vehicles. They are also reusable and machine washable.  Supremo™ Microfiber clothes are very affordable, super absorbent, non-abrasive, and simply get the job done. 


Rub WD-40 on the body of your car. This oily substance will loosen the dead bugs and help them come off more easily. Apply it to your car's body with a Supremo™ Microfiber cloth or using Lubricant Multipurpose WD-40 411 g Spray Can and let it sit and soak in for about 10 minutes.

WD-40 also works great on a car's grill to remove or prevent build-up of splattered bugs and grime. It will even remove old bumper stickers with ease. WD-40 also works well in the car's interior.

Don't use WD-40 on your windshield or windows. It's an oily substance that will be very difficult to remove.