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The easy way to loosen parts, protect them from rust and lubricate for reuse. Leaves a moly lubricant film. Loosens nuts, bolts and fittings. Protects against future rusting. Works immediately to penetrate rust. Capillary action allows it to penetrate deeply into hard-to-reach areas.


Brand Name Certified Lab Products Sub Brand Free
Item Name Penetrant Lubricant Container Type Aerosol Can
Specific Gravity 0.797 Flash Point 27 °C
Odor Solvent Appearance Liquid
Color Amber Vapor Pressure 1546.78 mm Hg
VOC 333.9 g/l Boiling Point >160 °F
Composition 37.96% Petroleum Distillates, Hydrotreated Light, 19.79% Petroleum Distillates, Hydrotreated Light Naphthenic (<3% DMSO Extractable), 13.5% Ethyl Acetate, 8.72% Solvent Naphtha (Petroleum), Medium Aliphatic, 5.58% Sodium Sulfonate, 5.44% Isobutane, 4.55% Propane, 2.97% Petroleum Distillates, Solvent Dewaxed Heavy Paraffinic (<3% DMSO Extractable), 0.91% Nonane, 0.45% Water, Distilled, Conductivity or of Similar Purity, 0.07% Molybdenum, Bis [0,0-Bis(2-Ethylhexyl) Phosphonodithioate-S,S], (Mo-Mo), 0.02% Petroleum Distillates, Hydrotreated Heavy Naphthenic (<3% DMSO Extractable) Vapor Density 1.4
Application For Nuts and Bolts, Brake Cables, Mufflers, Frozen Battery Terminals, Rusted Rims, Clocks and Watches, Heavy Equipment, Motor Block Studs and Bolts, Assembly Machineries, Aluminum Heads, Boilers Heads, Cylinder Blocks


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