esa 245016316

ESAB 245016316 WIRE DS II 70T-12H41/16IN 15KG

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Manufacturer #:245016316


Each of the new dual shield II H4 wires is an all-position flux cored wire that provides excellent low temperature toughness in both the as welded and/or stress relieved conditions (as applicable) when used with 75% Ar / 25% CO2. Each can produce diffusible hydrogen levels of 4 mL/100g over a wide range of welding parameters. Dual shield II 70T-12H4 also provides the smooth arc and low spatter levels characteristic of other Dual Shield II wires. Dual shield II 70T-12H4 can be used in construction, heavy equipment fabrication, offshore oil components, ship building and railcar. Weld metal analysis is similar to E7018.


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