esa 250jf50

ESAB 250JF50 TIGROD 3/32 ER80S-B24.54KG TUBE

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Manufacturer #:250JF50


Esab® TIGROD ER80S-B2 3/32 x 36 inch low alloy steel TIG welding rod comes in a 10 lb tube. Welding rod is used for joining creep resistant steels of the 0.5% Cr to 0.5% Mo, 1% Cr to 0.5% Mo and 1.25% Cr to 0.5% Mo grades. It is also used to fabricate and repair power piping and boilers in the power generation industry.


KG - 1 KG PER KG SL - 4.54 KG PER SL CA - 13.62KG, 3SL PER CA(CASE
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