esa 255187817

Electorde ATOM-ARC E8018-B6LH4R 1/8x14"

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Manufacturer #:255187817


AtomArc® E8018-B6L H4R low alloy steel electrode with 3/32 inch diameter is designed for welding ASTM A200-T5, A335-P5, A387-Gr5 and similar steels. It deposits a low carbon 5% Cr, 1/2% Mo to resist H2 attack. Electrode features good hydrogen resistance and is perfect for the petrochemical and petroleum industries, especially where resistance to hydrogen attack is required. Electrode comes in a hermetically sealed container of 10 lb.


KG - 1 KG PER KG SL - 4.54 KG PER SL CA - 13.62KG, 3SL PER CA(CASE