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ROD WELD ATOM ARC 80181/8X14 4.54KG

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Atom Arc 8018 electrodes deposit 1% Ni weld metal. They are used primarily to weld high-tensile steels in the 70-80 ksi (483-552 MPa) tensile strength range, especially where notch toughness at temperatures as low as -40°F (-40°C) is required.


Brand Name ESAB Sub Brand Atom Arc
Item Name Welding Electrode Diameter 1/8 in
Length 14 in Series/Model ARC 8018
Polarity AC/DCEP Container Size 10 lb
Material 0.046% Carbon, 1.11% Manganese, 0.33% Silicone, 0.011% Phosphorus, 0.009% Sulphur, 0.97% Nickel, 0.13% Molybdenum Tensile Strength 585 MPa
Standards QPL-22200/1, MIL-8018-C3, A.B.S.- 3Y/AWS A5.5: E8018-C3, ASME SFA 5.5, C.W.B.- CSA W48 Certified, AWS A5.5: E8018-C3 Application For Pipeline, Bridge Construction, Power Generation, Shipbuilding, Mobile Machinery and Petrochemical Industries


KG - 1 KG PER KG SL - 4.54 KG PER SL CA - 13.62KG, 3SL PER CA(CASE
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