esa 250jf52

Electrode TRIGOD ER80S-B2 1/8x36"

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Manufacturer #:250jf52


TIGROD ER80S-B2 is a chrome-moly tigrod used for joining creep resistant steels of the 0.5% Cr to 0.5% Mo, 1% Cr to 0.5% Mo and 1.25% Cr to 0.5% Mo grades. These copper-coated rods are primarily used to fabricate and repair power piping and boilers in the power generation industry. It is embossed on both ends with the alloy identification. Store open electrodes in a dry place.


KG - 1 KG PER KG SL - 4.54 KG PER SL CS - 13.62 KG PER CS