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WINTER WALKING JD912-XL Grips® Traction Overshoes Cleats Size 10 - 11.5 (Men), Size 12 - 13.5 (X-Large) (Women) Waterproof Black

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GRIPS® gritted boots fit easily and conveniently over all types of shoes. GRIPS® are designed to increase traction in ice and snow while being versatile enough to wear safely indoors and on clean surfaces. GRIPS® can also be worn while driving. The traction on GRIPS® comes from the sandpaper-like aluminum oxide grit underfoot which offers a level of traction greater than that of any rubber soled shoe. GRIPS® is versatile enough to be worn in most indoor environments without risk of damaging the walking surface. The grit is also non-sparking and non-conductive and is designed to withstand industrial usage. GRIPS® features a patented Angle Tread™ design that maximizes surface contact and also helps the sole to self clean. GRIPS® are available in three heights (6 , 10 and 15 ) and are sized from a S up to an XXXXL making them guaranteed to fit all employees. Choose GRIPS® gritted boots when in need of versatile traction that will allow employees to walk anywhere without removing. Reduce slips and falls with GRIPS®.


Brand Name Winter Walking Sub Brand Grips®
Item Name Traction Overshoes Cleats Type Waterproof
Gender Unisex Shoe Size Size 10 - 11.5 (Men), Size 12 - 13.5 (X-Large) (Women)
Coverage Style Pull On Color Black
Material PVC, Angle Tread Aluminum Oxide Toe Type Plain
Application For Industrial use


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