msc 5413 3/8x5lb

Packing square braid aramid fiber 3/8" 5lb

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Manufacturer: A.R. THOMSON
Manufacturer#: 5413 3/8x5lb

Product Description

Garlock® Style 5200 packing with lattice braided aramid filament construction. It has 200 PSI rotary pressure, 1200 FPM shaft speed and 5-9 pH range. The Flax roving material classification and incorporates PTFE, snow-white petrolatum lubrication system that makes a better pump shaft seal. The result is that less abrasive material makes it into the stuffing box so that pumps packed with 5200 can stay in service longer and the benefits that come from increased process yield and improved reliability. Temperature rating of -250 to 260°C.