inr 1801q

Motor air multi-vane 46SCFM 300RPM 1.35HP

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Manufacturer: INGERSOLL RAND
Manufacturer#: 1801q

Product Description

In-line planetary gear multi-vane air motor is will not burn out: Air motors can be stalled or overloaded for long periods without damage. Great for harsh environments: No heat build up or sparks make air motors ideal for use in flammable or explosive applications. Instantly reversible: A four-way valve allows instant motor reversal (on reversible units) with the turn of a valve. Cool running: A running air motor expands air, allowing motors to operate in temperatures up to 150°F and some motors up to 300°F with special grease, lube and seals. Compact and portable: Get maximum horsepower in minimum size. Variable speed: You may utilize a wide range of speeds by using a simple valve on your input air supply line. Minimum maintenance: Our motors have a proven history of long, low maintenance life. All you need to provide is a clean, dry, lubricated air supply. No shock starts: Air cushioned start-up cuts stress to your equipment.