mak 446l

Dust extractor 120V 8.7A

Manufacturer #:446l


L class dust extractor - Push-clean filter system clears particulate and debris from clogged filters to maximize filter efficiency and maintain suction power. Onboard outlet and automatic start feature enables dust extractor to be operated in conjunction with power tools. Variable suction power enables operator to adjust the suction power to the application. Compact and lightweight polycarbonate shell for ease of transport. Low noise level (just 59 dB) suitable for use in sensitive environments including hospitals, schools, institutions and more! Soft start feature reduces initial amperage draw on start up. Anti-static hose and grounded canister prevents buildup of static charges, sparking and dirt accumulation. Integrated power cord and suction hose reel for operator convenience. Washable PET-fleece filter for use with dry or wet materials. Heavy duty jobsite casters for maximum manoeuverability on site. Low profile latch design secures canister and eliminates catching on objects. Small footprint takes up less space during operation or transport and is ideal for use on scaffold, lifts and other restricted spaces.