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A 400W metal halide is bright. Very bright. Used for large area lighting, the 400W metal halide has become a mainstay of the temporary lighting industry. But there are so many problems with metal halide lights that we came up with a superior LED solution. First, metal halide bulbs take a long time to start up initially and re-start when the power is disconnected. Second, metal halide bulbs are delicate and expensive. They break upon contact and when loaded into a truck for transport. Third, metal halide bulbs heat up dangerously, posing burn and fire risks to all workers involved (see our heat analysis). Lastly, they are incredibly energy inefficient compared to new LED technologies. The 140W Beacon Light changes the game completely. Using the newest LED technology, the 140W Beacon Light puts out the same amount of usable light on your work site as a 400W metal halide, but with none of the downsides of the metal halide lights. LED lights are instant start up and restart after a power outage, greatly decreasing the amount of downtime spent by your workers. The Beacon Light generates light via two 70W LED integrated chips, which are solid state construction and can therefore endure shocks, vibrations and rough handling without breaking the LEDs. Also, the 140W Beacon Light is cool running and safe to touch even when left operating for hours and days on end. All these benefits and you use significantly less energy when running the Beacon Light - 65% less than a 400W metal halide.