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HENKEL 233962 Hysol® Epoxy Adhesive 2-Part, Industrial Grade, Thixotropic, Fast Setting 24 hr Cure 50 ml Dual Cartridge Clear/Yellow (Part A), Light/Cream (Part B)

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Henkel Loctite Hysol E-00NS is a industrial grade epoxy adhesive that cures at room temperature, is resistant to a wide range of chemicals and solvents and acts as an excellent electrical insulator. 50 mL cartridge.


Brand Name Loctite Sub Brand Hysol®
Item Name Epoxy Adhesive Type 2-Part, Industrial Grade, Thixotropic, Fast Setting
Container Size Part A 50 ml Container Type Part A Dual Cartridge
Form Liquid Cure Time 24 hr
Mixing Ratio 1:1 Setting Time 3 min
Color Clear/Yellow (Part A), Light/Cream (Part B) Series E-00NS
Base Content Epoxy Resin/Mercaptan Hardener Composition 70 - 80% Epichlorohydrin-4,4'-isopropylidene Diphenol Resin, 20 - 30% Phenol Polymer with Formaldehyde, Glycidyl Ether, 1 - 5% Treated Fumed Silica, 0.1 - 1% 4,4'-Methylenediphenol, Polymer with 1-chloro-2,3-epoxypropane (Part A), 80 - 90% Poly[Oxy(Methyl-1,2-Ethanediyl)], a-Hydrow-Hydroxy-, Ether with 2,2- Bis(Hydroxymethyl)-1,3-Propanediol (4:1), 2-Hydroxy-3-Mercaptop, 5 - 10% Benzyldimethylamine, 1 - 5% Treated Fumed Silica, 1 - 5% Monoethanolamine (Part B)
Dielectric Strength 16 kV/mm Odor Faint Epoxy (Part A), Mercaptan Sulfur (Part B)
Specific Gravity 1.17 (Part A), 1.12 (Part B) Tensile Strength 1500 lb/in²
VOC < 10 g/l Flash Point > 200.12 °F (Part A), > 496.4 °F (Part B)
Boiling Point > 300.2 °F (Part A) Temperature Rating 180 °F
Application For use in Component Assembly, Appliances, Electronics and Fiber Optics UPC 079340292949


EA - 1 EA PER EA CA - 10 EA/CA
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