Navigating The New Normal

We have helped Canadian businesses stay safe for over 80 years, and in today’s uncertain times, we are proud to continue offering all the product and service solutions you need to reopen your doors and keep moving forward. To help you solve the challenge of staying safe through COVID-19, these product solutions are listed below within a fundamental safety framework called the Hierarchy of Controls. It consists of four ways to protect workers from the spread of the virus, ranked in order of effectiveness and preference: Elimination, Engineering Controls, Administrative Controls, and finally, Personal Protective Equipment

Getting Prepared
Getting To And From The Workplace
Four Protocols For New Business Practices

This is your first line of defense. The most efficient level of protection, Elimination Controls involve removing the hazard entirely. It encompasses policies that enforce social distancing, including having employees work remotely, limiting the number of individuals in the workspace at a time, and rearranging workstations.

Engineering Controls

Engineering Controls offer the second-highest level of protection, and utilizes physical barriers such as fences, plexiglass, and rope to separate people in areas where social distancing is not possible. This helps mitigate the threat of exposure to airborne pathogens, especially when combined with the Administrative Controls below.


Administrative Controls involve changing the way people work or act to reduce harmful exposure. Enforcing hand-washing rules, cleaning and disinfecting protocols, or designating delivery areas are examples of administrative controls.

Personal Protective Equipment

PPE — such as non-medical face masks, disposable gloves, and protective clothing — is the fourth and final level of defense, and puts a barrier between the worker and the hazard. It should be considered if the first 3 levels of protocols are not enough to control risks.

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