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Snap-on Industrial Brands - A Tradition of Trust

Face it. When it comes to tools, it’s all about which brands you trust. When your business depends on productivity, when you need to meet a deadline, when the work is tough, and the specs are demanding - you have to be able to trust your tools to help you get the job done. And you have to trust the company that makes those tools.

The Snap-on Industrial Brands have earned your trust... each with a long tradition of quality workmanship, superior performance and constant innovation. The bottom line? Productivity.

Williams, Bahco, and CDI each claim a unique and powerful history. Snap-on Industrial supports these brands with its own unrivaled tradition of quality, workmanship, and product innovation. 

Since 1882 Williams has met the harshest challenges of the most demanding industries. A century and a quarter later we continue to offer unique and innovative products for those industries, whose demands are greater than ever.

Bahco, inventor of the original adjustable wrench, is the world leader in adjustable wrenches, ergonomics, and cutting tools.  Bahco offers quality tools, saws, and accessories that are synonymous with safe, comfortable, and productive performance.

CDI is ISO 9001 certified and a pioneer in the development of digital torque measuring instruments. So whether it’s torque wrenches and drivers or torque testing and calibration equipment, all meet the most exacting standards.

Featured Product
Williams Industrial Modular Storage

Williams Industrial Modular Storage program is designed, engineered and build specifically for industrial settings, processes, and systems. Heavy-duty steel construction, innovative safety and security features, and workplace-specific configurations provide for customizable, scalable storage that meets even the most complex needs.

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Snap-on Industrial Brands Summer 2020 Catalogue

Product Education
CDI Digital Torque Tester

The CDI Digital Torque Tester is designed to be an affordable torque tester than can be mounted on a wall or used in a bench top vise to allow the operator to conveniently test torque wrenches and torque screwdrivers.

Bahco 7224 Water Pump Pliers

Features fast adjustment and memory retention of jaw opening. Slim jaws shaped for nuts and pipes.

Bahco Adjustable Wrenches

Bahco Adjustable Wrenches are ideal for plumbers, electricians, and maintenance works. Perfect for working under the sink, within enclosures, or anywhere that a short handle is needed. With over 60 styles and sizes available, we have the right one for the job!

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