Why Small & Medium Businesses Need an MRO Strategy
When you look at everything you need to keep your small business running, it’s easy to forget the little things: extension cords, ladders, paper towels, power tools, storage equipment, hard hats, gloves, etc. All of this goes into the category of MRO — that is Maintenance, Repairs, and Operations. Here’s why having an MRO strategy is essential!

From hard hats to extension cords to printers, there’s a lot that keeps your small or midsize business running. And with MRO (maintenance, repair, and operations) making up a significant part of a company’s expenses, it's important to have a solid MRO procurement strategy. Vallen Canada is here to help. We’ll help you find the right products, maintain the ideal level of inventory, help you rein in unnecessary spending, and save you tons of time — all while keeping things affordable. Small business? We can do that! 

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