Makita is the best in class for cordless power tool technology. A leader in power tool technology for the professional.  Makita products are sold around the world in the following categories:

  • Cordless tools - Makita offers many products in this area such as cordless screwdrivers, impact wrenches, rotary hammers, battery saws, angle grinders, and the list goes on…
  • Power tools - In the field of power tools, Makita offers classic tools such as drilling & stemming hammers, drills, planers, saws, cutting and angle grinders.
  • Petrol equipment - Makita develops cutters, power generators, chainsaws, scythes, lawnmowers and blowers in this division.
  • Cordless tool batteries
High Performance and Efficiency
  • Automatic torque drive technology (ADT) feature adjusts the torque and speed according to the load condition, enabling rapid movement between high speed and high torque applications
  • Extreme Protection Technology (XPT) offers maximum protection against dust, debris, and liquids for optimal performance in extreme conditions
  • Brushless DC motor with high power to weight and size ratio; generates less heat buildup and is ideal for prolonged use in manufacturing/production applications
  • Anti-restart feature prevents accidental startup of the tool during battery changing when the switch is locked in the on position
  • Soft start feature gradually increases speed to eliminate start up shock
  • Electronic current limiter protects the motor from accidental overload
  • Electric brake stops wheel or disc 3-5 seconds after the switch is released for increased operator safety
  • and more…
Product Education
Satisfying the Professional’s Needs

Featuring enhanced dust and drip-proof performance for use in outdoor applications or harsh environments.

Cordless Lawn Mower

Powerful cutting performance while remaining environmentally friendly!

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