Featured Product
With auto darkening filter.
  • Delivers world-class grinding and welding with the flip of a lid! 
  • 46 sq. inch grinding visor delivers a panoramic view of the work area
  • Highest rated 1/1/1/1 optical clarity and True Color delivers a crystal clear view of the weld
  • World class 1/40,000 switching speeds
  • Includes the patented 370 Speed Dial ratcheting headgear
Jackson Safety® introduces the Maxview face shield, a premium face protection product.
  • Lightweight and balanced construction for all-day comfort
  • Extra-large polycarbonate window provide superior optics and industry-leading panoramic view
  • Built-in side and chin guard protects against splash and flying debris
  • Includes the patented 370 Speed Dial ratcheting headgear
Product Categories
Keeping Professional Workers Safe

Certified Safe

Jackson Safety® products are tested to meet or exceed the rigorous standards for quality and safety performance including OSHA, ASTM, CSA, CE, and NIOSH. Additionally, these standards are applied to our very own in-house and fully accredited test lab.

Welding Safety

Designed to perform in a range of welding conditions, Jackson Safety® Helmets are available in a variety of materials including fiberglass and vulcanized fiber. Choose from a selection of filters— from passive to digital ADF platforms and numerous graphic designs to reflect personal style.

See the Difference with Balder® Technology

With Jackson Safety® ADF Welding Helmets with Balder® Technology you get: A clear view from various angles which will reduce eye fatigue and the need to move, adjust or refocus. You will get superior optical quality that allows you to do your best work.

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