Identifying the right glove for the right task is crucial. Vallen Canada and Bob Dale Gloves use the G3 Solutions process to tour your site and evaluate hand risk & safety needs for each step of your operation. G3 Solutions focuses on hand safety, while rationalizing your overall inventory and costs, which in turn is designed to prevent injuries and lost time. We do this by working with your teams to find solutions built through on-site testing by your people. This personal approach allows us to customize a glove program that perfectly fits your needs.

What G3 Gives You:
  • Increased communication & understanding of glove capabilities
  • Assessment of site safety needs & glove usage
  • Glove samples based on G3 site safety requirements
  • Worksite testing of gloves
  • Customized glove chart
  • Cost rationalization of glove usage
Let Vallen Canada & Bob Dale Gloves Help You Find the Right Hand Safety Solution
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