Bob Dale Gloves (BDG) is a solution focused manufacturer and supplier of high-quality hand protection products to the North American markets. With over 35 years of experience we work with our customers to provide solutions for their specific needs by supplying gloves and other personal protective equipment (PPE) in Canada, the USA and International markets. 

Our guiding principles set by our founders to partner exclusively with our distribution partners has never wavered. BDG is committed to providing solution-based strategies to all customers and end users of our gloves and other products. 


Cut Resistance

Slash Resistance

Needle Stick

Cut Resistant Sleeves

Puncture Resistance

BDG Deny

Impact Resistance

Chemical Resistance


Cold Weather Protection

Abrasion Resistance 

Gander Brand

TIG Welding

MIG Welding

General Welding 

Welding Jackets

Welding Aprons.


Arc Flash Resistance

Spark Resistance

Heat Protection

Fire Resistance

Head Protection

BDG X-Site

Mechanics Gloves

Performance Gloves

Dexterity and Grip

Skilled Trades

Tactical and Law Enforcement

BDG Classic

Fitter Gloves

Roper Gloves



Head Gear/Caps/Rain wear

Glove Size Matters

G3 Solutions is a process developed by Bob Dale Gloves to help you discover the ideal option for your hand and glove safety needs. 

Your worksite, overall inventory and cost constraints, and your hand safety requirements are assessed through G3 Solutions’ personalized process that not only increases your understanding of glove capabilities, but results in glove recommendations that are tailored to your workplace, preventing injuries and lost time.

Product Education
BDG® CUT-X™ 20-1-1880
BDG® CUT-X™ 20-1-1880 made from durable goatskin leather is built for work. This glove is not only comfortable, it is ANSI tested and rated for Cut A5, Impact Lvl 2, Puncture 3 and now ANSI Conductive Heat tested Lvl 3 (up to 392°F/200°C)
BDG® DENY™ 99-1-9793 Water Resistant Glove

The BDG® DENY™ Water resistant glove offers touch screen technology, ANSI Cut A6, Abrasion, Puncture and Impact 2. It also includes a water proof breathable membrane and reinforced thumb saddle.

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