With school now being finished, it is important to adopt these safe driving habits, whether you have school-aged children or not.

On summer holidays, children are usually in their neighborhoods, around parks & playgrounds, at summer activities/events, at vacation attractions, shopping malls…everywhere it seems. And, if you’re driving, you are largely responsible for their safety.

Children on bikes

“Everyone should expect more foot and bike traffic in neighborhoods and residential areas as school-age children look to take advantage of the warm weather, longer daylight hours, and not having to prepare for school the following morning,” says AAA. Be aware of your surroundings and drive cautiously.

Safe-driving tips:

Slow down and maintain a 20- to 30-second visual lead to identify unexpected problems.

Look between parked cars and other objects for indications that children are at play in the area.

Look for clues such as balls and bike ramps that indicate children could be in the area.

Be extra cautious around areas that kids tend to populate

Expect the unexpected if there’s a chance children could dart onto the road.

Make eye contact with children who are about to cross the street and watch for their next step.

Make sure you look for pedestrians at intersections, not just other vehicles.

And the danger to children out enjoying summer vacation increases if you are distracted – by technology or passengers – tired or driving too fast, especially in residential areas.

Use your car's rear-view camera.

Be careful going around corners in neighborhoods.

Summer is a fun time of year for children and families.  Let's stay alert and aware to keep everyone safe this summer break