This weekend is the Labour Day long weekend! As Canadians prepare for a fantastic 3-day weekend it’s important to remember to be safe this weekend.

Safety Tips for Labour Day Weekend

This weekend is the Labour Day long weekend! As Canadians prepare for a fantastic 3-day weekend it’s important to remember to be safe this weekend.

We want everyone to have a safe and fun long weekend, so we’ve put together a list of safety tips relating to the most common long weekend activities.

Many of us start our long weekend with a drive. Whether it’s to the cabin or the lake it is important to follow these safe driving tips:

Driving Safety Tips

  • Look for a less travelled route - Less traffic means less opportunities for accidents and a smoother drive to your destination.
  • Don’t drive when tired - As much as you may want to beat the traffic and leave in the wee hours in the morning, be sure you are well rested and alert when getting behind the wheel.
  • Don’t drink and drive - NEVER consume alcohol or drugs and get behind the wheel of a vehicle. When returning home from this long weekend make sure you have not consumed alcohol or drugs prior to making the drive.
  • Buckle up - Lack of seatbelts result in injuries and deaths that are preventable – don’t drive without wearing your seatbelt.
  • Leave a safe distance between you and the car in front of you - Everyone wants to get their weekend started faster but driving dangerously puts you and others in your vehicle at risk. Drive safely and start your weekend in one piece.

Water Safety Tips

Swimming and watersports are a huge part of the long weekend. Everyone can have fun and stay safe doing water activities by following these safety tips:

  • Always supervise children - young children ages 1-4 are at the greatest risk of drowning; always keep an eye on children when around water.
  • Wear a life jacket when boating or doing watersports - Avoid the risk of drowning by wearing a correct size life jacket when participating in any activities that take you into open water.
  • Do not drink and boat - Just as you would not drink, and drive do not drink and operate a boat.
  • Swim with a buddy - Dangerous situations can occur while swimming. Avoid being stranded on your own by keeping friends/family close by when you’re in the water.
  • Do not swim in bad weather conditions - It’s very dangerous to swim in bad weather. Pay attention to the weather before you swim and keep an eye out for bad weather conditions while swimming to avoid dangerous situations.