Hoist Inspections

All hoists must be certified, and load tested on an annual basis. Count on us for expert inspection, maintenance, repair and certification of your manual and lever chain hoists. Our factory-trained technicians ensure all service is compliant with current safety standards. Between your annual inspection, a pre-job inspection should be done before every time the hoist is used

Pre-Job Inspection

  1. Is the nameplate legible and attached to the unit
  2. Lifting function - is it working properly? Make sure it goes in the up and down position, forwards and backwards
  3. Check the hook - make sure it swivels smoothly and its not deformed.
  4. Check the load chain - make sure there is no rust and it moves smoothly
  5. Check for any missing  nuts and pins

Beyond this pre-job inspection, periodic inspections should be done by a qualified technician

Check out our video (1177) Hoist - YouTube