We want to shine a spotlight on companies that are making a focused effort to create a more sustainable future, whether by focusing on more environmentally-friendly products, reducing waste and water consumption in the production process, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, creating comprehensive recycling programs, and/or increasing social impact funding. Today, we want to focus on Kimberly-Clark’s RightCycle™ Program.

With the daunting aim of reducing the world’s dependency on natural resources, Kimberly-Clark created a service that allows organizations to collect previously hard-to-recycle items (such as Kimberly-Clark nitrile gloves, safety eyewear, and disposable apparel), and have them sent to Kimberly-Clark to be turned into eco-responsible consumer goods like flower pots, patio furniture, and shelving!

It’s a groundbreaking way for any company that uses Kimberly-Clark’s single-use protective equipment and other products (in non-hazardous applications) to begin fulfilling their zero waste to landfill goals.

So how does it work? If your company wants to participate, you can email rightcycle@kcc.com, then begin collecting any used, non-hazardous Kimberly-Clark protective apparel, nitrile gloves, and eyewear. The easiest way is to place receptacles throughout your facility. Once that’s complete, the items can be shipped to Kimberly-Clark’s recycling centres to be turned into durable goods.

The benefits? Well since the program began in 2011, RightCycle™ has helped divert over 300 tons of waste from landfills! It serves as an excellent reminder that by working together, companies can play a substantial role in environmental stewardship and building a sustainable future.