Keeping floors clean is a great way to improve the client’s first impression of your business, but it’s also necessary for safety. And although mops have been around for centuries, Dustbane tells us why they're unnecessarily tedious and even dangerous. Find out why your customers will want to invest in a Dustbane scrubber and ditch their mop!

1. Mopping takes up to 35% to 40% of a cleaner's role

A lot of time is wasted mopping and even afterwards when the floor is still wet and can't be walked on. Our ROI (Return on Investment) Calculator can show you how the Micro-5 pays for itself in just a few months! View the Dustbane ROI Calculator under the product code here.


2. It can actually leave your floors dirty and contaminated

Using a mop made of yarn or cloth can actually soak up grease and grime that you pick up and spread it across floors, resulting in cross-contaminated spaces and discoloured floors.


3. Mopping is one of the most dangerous tasks a cleaner can perform 

Motion injuries are just the start of the risks that are at hand with mopping daily. There is also the chance of slip and fall accidents from the operator or anyone who enters a room that has recently been mopped and comes in contact with a wet floor. 


So what's the alternative? Cleaning machines, such as floor scrubber, also know as auto-scrubbers!

They can be a great tool in maintaining clean floors and increasing productivity, making for a cleaner and safer facility. With a single pass, they spray a cleaning solution onto the floor, scrub, and quickly pick up the excess liquid with a fast drying time. And unlike the traditional mop and bucket method, which leaves droplets and water puddles and leads to hazardous walking condition, an auto-scrubber doesn’t use nearly as much water and floors dry much faster.

Another added bonus of auto-scrubbers? Cost savings! Contrary to popular belief, repeat buys like cleaning supplies, mops, and buckets can really add up. Add that to the time and labour spent mopping large surface areas, and suddenly, mops are no longer that cost-effective. An employee requires on average 14 hours to clean a 50,000 ft2 space using the traditional mop and bucket method. An auto-scrubber can complete the same task in only 3 hours. A single person can easily operate the auto-scrubber and tackle the task of cleaning the floors instead of 3-4 staff members.

Safer, faster, and cost-friendly — auto-scrubbers give you a win-win-win situation! To view the Dustbane scrubbers Vallen Canada offers, click here.